CREATE WHO you are

CREATE WHO you are

Game changers create who they are

The Eureka moments are pervasive in most people lives. But shifting from an Eureka moment to radically creative outcomes, takes people who are extremely curious about the unknown, passionate about their pursue, and persistent in realizing an aspired image of themselves. Whatever name you’d pick from the legion of game changers, they all had an aspired image of themselves. They did not discover it – they created it!

How do you CREATE who you are?

It all starts with a deep reflections at a moment of a major life experience: often leading to  feelings of emptiness and some kind of energy growling inside you, and searching for the way to manifest.  This moment of inner deep reflection, that can be anything between 3 minutes to 3 months, is the phase of idea incubation and of perplexity between a meridian of feelings and chaotic thinking. An idea is preparing to emerge!

Now this idea can be about anything in the world, but it is only when your aspired idea of YOU genuinely fits to the spirit of the new idea, that this new idea and its derivates are prone to become game changers.

The key word here is ASPIRED. 

No aspired image of yourself, no move to action that leads to game changing outcomes.

Game changers do not know if their ideas and their pursuit will have a game changing outcome – they only feel they are promoting an idea and following a pursuit (are relentlessly working on something) they strongly believe in, are deeply passionate about, and is an expression of their aspired image.

What’s in this for us?

We all have an image of ourselves – it may be upheaving or downgrading, it may be real or false. Established images of ourselves tend to force us live by the rules that define who we are, which makes us rigid. Aspired images of ourselves tend to push us towards change. It is in this quest that “Eureka moments” become “Eureka solutions” and your soul, your mind, your body are on a continuous “make”.

What is your aspired image – your vision of you?

To start the journey of CREATING who you are, take a paper and a pencil and note down:

  • What is your aspired image of you?
  • Can you name it?
  • What are its attributes?
  • What’s its voice like?
  • What’s its movement like?
  • What / whom does it resemble with?
  • What are the permissions you give to this aspired image?
  • What’s the space you have given in your inner conversations?
  • What standards do you allow it to measure up to?
  • What’s the place you have given in your daily routine?
  • What’s the power you give to it:
  • What are the words it is saying to you?
  • What feeling does it induce?
  • What actions does it authorise you to take or not take?
  • What protection does it lend for?
  • What is it protecting you from?
  • What do you need to protect it from?

Note all these down. Use as many colourful pencils as you wish. Place it somewhere to remind you when needed.

Remember that your behaviour always matches your identity, your internal standards, your mindset. 

Once you connect to who you really are, the single best move to be a game-changer is to work on your character, work on your emotional architecture, work on your mindset, and then you become this force of nature that radiates greatness and succeeds no matter what.

Now it’s time to move on.

In this ebook I share a handful of tips from my coaching practice on how to leverage these 15 treasury traits paving your way to success and making an impact. I hope they will help you ponder your next step.