Exploring, applying, enhancing knowledge and practices for Generative Growth

What value can you get from joining the Circle?

G-IQ work is intended to accelerate your access to multiple intelligences – somatic, emotional, intellectual, conversational, spiritual, individual, collective – to reliably innovate, create new possibilities, and lead a life of fulfilment.

By joining the circle, you develop generative self-regulation: you learn techniques to enhance the generative state and you practice these techniques on real obstacles during and outside the circle. The circles have very much an applied and experiential aspect, the concepts, notions and techniques are brought mostly to create points of reference. Overall, a G-IQ mastermind or co-development circle helps you:

My commitment, as a coach, is to enable you experience augmented ability to realize your aspirations.

What is Generative Intelligence (G-IQ) work?

G-IQ work is an invitation to level up your creativity, resilience and resourcefulness in spite of disruption.

In times when change is the only constant we are challenged on our resilience and creative resourcefulness to go beyond mere survival. Generative Intelligence (G-IQ) stands at the threshold between those that simply survive and those that thrive. G-IQ recognizes that we create reality through conversations mediated by states of mind (filters) held either in resourceful or destructive state (COACH or CRASH). Creativity is potentiated by COACH state and depotentiated by CRASH state. Generative change work provides ways to create conversations for deep transformation.

How does the circle function?

The G-IQ work is experiential and evolutive in nature – with every session being a living experience of the shift to the larger aspiration. The maximum nr of participants per Circle is 9. Special arrangements can be done for established teams. Sessions can be organised on line, in the absence of the face to face possibility. Sessions are guided by Albana Vrioni, Certified Practitioner of Generative Coach.

Who can join?

How can you join?

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