Accelerate & Enhance your Leadership Impact to Steer Innovation & Fitness for the Future

As a leader you are constantly challenged to:

  • Engage people around the goal and value creation
  • Make decisions with speed and conviction even when lacking data
  • Adapt proactively, thinking about the long term and yet acting quickly and decisively to change
  • Deliver reliably on commitments and create accountability when all is changing so fast
  • Lead and live with grace when stakes are high and choices not obvious

Generative Intelligence Coaching helps you Accelerate – Enhance – Sustain
visible and measurable success

You can thrive at any times by leveraging your generative mindset:

  • Re-image the future
  • Encounter moments of truth with resourcefullness
  • Enhance clarity of vision & focus of action
  • Create shared meaning, significance, engagement.
  • Sharpen decision making even when lacking data
  • Engage others around the Success Model
  • Enhance your resilience, agility, and creativity
  • Succeed beyond the bottom line.

3 typical levels for engaging in Generative-IQ coaching:

Leading self

Coaching the Leader in You for generative performance:

re-image the future, sharpen your vision, boost resilience, craft agility, and release creative thinking.

Coaching unfolds in 3 stages:
1. Your Success Mindset model
2. Focused action on what matters most
3. Sustaining growth.

Leading teams

Coaching the interface “leader – team” for the leader & the team to achieve ambitious goals, leverage on collective intelligence, groom innovation and stimulate collective high performance.

” Leading teams” Coaching unfolds in 3 levels:
1. Your team Success Model
2. Team interaction dynamics
3. Beyond Coaching

Leading others

“Leading others” focuses on coaching the leader and the leadership team on the interface with the stakeholders to scale impact, growth or innovation within and beyond the boundaries of your organisation.

“Leading others” unfolds in 3 levels:
1. Your Success Model
2. Stakeholders interaction dynamics
3. Beyond coaching

Do you intend to engage in a coaching program?

Generative Intelligence Coaching has proven to be an effective enabler to profound shifts in the mindset and behaviours that affect your success.

Best fit: you are best supported by G-IQ coaching when:

Methods and techniques applied are selected to fit individual coaching cases and goals.

My offering

The G-IQ coaching program is conceived to offer

Integrative growth
  • Leader, Team, Systemic
  • Coaching
  • Individual, 360*, 720* assessments
  • Consulting
  • Facilitation
  • Training

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