Coaching for Transformative shifts

Value proposition

If you’re leading transformative shifts, Systemic Team Coaching helps you connect strategy, culture and leadership, and create new thinking connected to new action structures and new mindset.

Using the Systemic Team Coaching model, I support you and your team  adopt new thinking at even pace and as one system.

Achieving Transformative Shifts supported by Systemic Team Coaching

Transformative shifts is what society, organisations and individuals may need to embrace  to thrive in face of emerging disruptors.

Transformative shifts call for a Systemic Approach in supporting teams and their leaders raise to the challenge.

Systemic Team Coaching is the most complex undertaking of a development work, yet the most reliable and impactful one.

Systemic team coaching is a process by which, the team coach works in partnership with the leader(s) and the whole team, both when they are together and when they are apart, and help them grow as one system. The goal is to help you:

  • Improve your collective performance, the what and the how, and
  • Improve how you develop your collective leadership to
  • More effectively engage with all your key stakeholder groups, so as to
  • Jointly transform the wider business and co-create value for all your stakeholders.

The Systemic Team Coaching process helps you address key leadership challenges for realising transformative shifts:

  • Connect 3 aspects of systemic change, Strategy – Culture – Leadership.
  • Adopt new thinking at an even pace and as one system (leaders and the team)
  • Amplify the gains of leadership training programs
  • Manage, influence, and shape connections among the parts of the system

The Leadership Team Coaching (P. Hawkins), Generative Collaboration and Conscious Leadership (R. Dilts), Conversational Intelligence (J.E. Glasser), Stakeholder Centered Coaching  (M. Goldsmith) – all provide frameworks of systemic team coaching, which I integrate in my work as relevant to the specific case.

My Offering

My team coaching interventions depend on the goals targeted by the leader and the team. In a continuum from Transactional to Generative focus, the interventions can be
  • Team facilitation – focusing on the process “how”, and rolled out during and event (workshop, away day, etc)
  • Team performance coaching: – focusing on the “What & the How” -process and the tasks the underline team performance. Its rolled out as a series of on-site interventions, and facilitation of an co-missioning event.
  • Leadership Coaching – Focuses on the what and the how of the team as well as its interaction with the stakeholders. In addition to the above it includes interfacing with stakeholders and establishing a feedback loop.
  • Transformation Leadership Team Coaching – focus here is on Organizational Transformation all by considering Tasks, Processes, and Stakeholder.
  • Systemic team coaching – the focus is on coaching the system, as applicable in the specific and wider context of a team’s activity.

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