Personal Development

Generative Intelligence coaching is like a bridge that carries you from the intention and the desire to realise your potential to living a life of fulfilment, with no regrets.


Shape up your Resilience & Creative Resourcefulness:

  • Cope with uncertainty in fulfilling and creative ways
  • Question boundaries and redefine what’s possible
  • Leverage your signature strengths to create a new life story
  • Build strong relationships of trust & positive influence
  • Craft your emotional resilience to attract joy and abundance.

How does Generative Intelligence Coaching helps your personal development?

  • Generative Intelligence Coaching helps you adopt new structures of thinking and of self-regulation that support your spiral evolution to affront critical thresholds of life, bounce back, and thrive.
  • Coaching for generative self supports you evolve at a higher level of creative consciousness to develop mental resilience, leverage on your signature strengths and foster strong relationships thus creating the ground for your life story to radiate success and for your potential to actualise.
  • While each coaching conversation focuses on “what matters most, real time”, the G-IQ coaching process accompanies you in a journey of personal development: from creating deeper awareness to realising desired outcomes. Mindset-Actions-Outcomes are part of each stepping-stone that you’ll set in your pathway of growth.
When leveraging your Generative Self you do not respond to the market need, you create the market need. You do not follow prescribed routes, you create new pathways. You do not arrive at a destination, you realise an aspiration. You start with a commitment and create out of it a living dream.

G-IQ coaching supports you attain goals that are game changing in your personal & professional satisfaction.

Diving in and resorting out of the depth of your generativity with stronger mental resilience, refreshed creativity and nimble agility in pursuing your inner call.

New life story

I support you in unlocking your potential to bringing a new story to life, developing a deeper awareness that helps you connect, create and contribute to a higher level of meaning and self-mastery.

New life project

I support you in unlocking creative resourcefulness, strengthening resilience and leveraging signature strengths to change the game and make your project a living dream.

Career transitions

I support you in how to grow professionally faster, in balance and in pleasure, so that you can you can unlock your potential, do the job you’re passionate about, and earn to your merits.

I support your personal development to generative self-mastery in 3 levels:
1. Modelling your Success Mindset
2. Focused action on what matters most
3. Unveiling success and Sustaining growth

Getting started:

1. You have an outcome in mind or the intention to change a situation.

2. I support you deepen awareness and map your Success Mindset Model.

3. I accompany you develop the generative state and walk your path to desired outcomes.

Deepen awareness

  • Personal Branding
  • Generative propensity
  • Conversational Chemistry

Sustain growth

  • 15 traits of game changers
  • Game changing conversations
  • Mastermind Circle

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