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Generative Transformation for Meaningful Entrepreneurship


From your dream to reality, how to transform Challenges into Resourcefulness?


As an entrepreneur, your effort at any point in time is focused on one or all of the following goals:

  • Positioning for success
  • Assuring financial robustness
  • Boosting Resilience & Innovation
  • Scaling & transforming
  • Searching inner satisfaction of out your undertaking.

Successful entrepreneurs have in common the passion for their undertaking and ownership for assuring financial robustness. They know that their business value lies more and more on ideas, imagination, knowledge, and customer satisfaction and it depends on their resilience, agility and resourcefulness. Creating a deep personal satisfaction, a sense of accomplishment, and a kind of magic, is behind each of their undertakings.

But growing and scaling a business when everything around you changes fast can be overwhelming and take you off balance.

To be successful you need to have your heart into your business and your business into your heart!

And I believe that all enduring success depends on the Mindset.


Because the next generation entrepreneurship is a lot more about creating meaningful and genuine contribution, entrepreneurs need to adopt a generative mindset which helps to

  • Bounce back from difficult  transitions
  • Transform setbacks in a source of growth
  • Sustain and boost creative thinking when all around is changing so fast
  • Leverage on opportunities that are right on spot for you
  • Sustain “future fitness” of your business venture when the
    future seems a moving target and blurred of uncertainty
  • Keep your skill set updated and staying on top of your business
  • Prioritise the priorities


To transform challenges into resourcefulness you need to adopt the right mindset as well as act decisively, and make a meaningful contribution to what you are passionate about.


But what is the right mindset?

There is no single right mindset – the right mindset is the one that supports you achieve your imminent goal in a creative and resourceful way.

When you adopt a different goal, so you should adopt a different mindset.


But this is often not very evident. Therefore working with a coach helps you stay accountable in adopting the right mindset and developing success habits that get you to the desired results.

In working with a business coach, you shall look for 3 pillars of support:

  • Mindset: fundamental attitudes, discipline and practice, and the success habits that strengthen your ability to manage your energy and focus, and prioritize your priorities.
·         Actions: identify and undertake the actions that help you advance towards your goals, from developing the Product/Services, generating revenue and acquiring special resources, to leveraging resources, building win-win relationships, and growing your business
  • Outcomes: from financial robustness or scalable growth to resilience or personal satisfaction, you will need to develop clarity of success factors that underline the pathway to such outcomes


a generative mindset is about creative achievement and turning challenges into resourcefulness. –


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