Wings to CHANGE puts in the service of individuals, teams and organisations the experience and passion of its network of change management processionals. Our approach and expertise is comprehensive, covering all the steps a business transformation process, as indicated in the sample “reference work” presented in this website.

Transformation through change of Service model


A European ATM organization needed to evolve its sourcing model of IT services. Partnering with the industry would open up the organization to higher agility and faster time to market. The management asked support to design the new service model and realize the transition from the existing to the new model.

  • Creating alignment among the different stakeholders. Buy-in form, and collaboration of key stakeholders was critical.
  • Building a transformation roadmap realizing step wise transformation of the core services. This included processes, governance and technology changes. It also included a new HR management model.
  • Realizing a smooth transition in a mission critical, failure not an option environment and against tight transition KPIs. This would include team stability, design and establishment of new processes, transfer and re-negotiation of HR contracts, knowledge transfer and on-boarding of new team members and roles.
  • Awareness and alignment: created organization wide awareness and alignment around the co-sourcing model and the process of transition
  • Design of process, organization and governance of the new service model
  • Selection and enactment of communication channels with the many parties involved
  • Realization of people and skills transfer, establishment of new HR contracts
  • Realization of knowledge transfer and on-boarding of new team members
  • Implemented the new service model operating processes
  • Defined roles and responsibilities in the new operating model
Results achieved

The IT series are now running under the new service model. The transition was seamless, keeping intact business continuity and operations quality.

Business transformation through culture change


A European IT company in mission critical systems needed to upgrade its Human Capital management practices to compete more effectively in the market place. After a, thorough analysis of the situation, the company decided to undertake a culture shift that would lead to a nurturing, inclusive and higher performance workplace. The management asked for support to assess the culture shift and develop a participative change management strategy and plan.

  • Assuring management buy-in, participation of a highly-distributed workforce
  • Alignment on priority actions
  • Resourcing the change initiatives with volunteering resources
  • Developing change capabilities
  • Identification of business need for change and the assessment of the gap from A to B
  • A series of awareness activities were designed and implemented, which created participation in the process of strategy definition and in the plans
  • This led to defining the change strategy most adequate for managing the transition from the “as is” to the “to be”
  • We further identified the program governance and focused projects on areas of improvement (collaboration, creativity, governance, communications, people management).
  • A series of activities followed to build change capabilities, addressing the workforce a large and focusing notably on the “people managers”.
Results achieved

The organization launched in a change journey supported by its employees, clients, partners. Focus projects for each area of improvement were identified and developed. Volunteering employees took charge of the first lunched project.

Transformation through Technology enablement

A large telecom organization had launched in an ERP implementation program, aimed at improving business performance by automating and streamlining the “order to Cash” processes at Group level. The program had a European span, involving all the levels of the organization, 12000 users, the newly acquired businesses and the European offices (BE, NL, FR, th UK). The program had been running for 3 years. The client asked for change management support during the implementation phase of the program, to ensure program would be operational according to set targets.
  • Alignment and collaboration between the business organization and the program team as well as in
  • Keeping up the motivation and adequate contribution of all parties concerned
  • Solution buy-in from the different parts of the organization was still to be assured
  • Ensure program would be operational according to set targets, which would first require agreement on the readiness indicators.
  • Ran Organizational readiness assessments – this helped define the action plan and the communication plan
  • Launched the communication campaign, followed by individual and team coaching. We started with the basics: awareness creation on why and what will change, to skills, roles and responsibilities in the new way of working
  • Defined the Organizational Readiness Indicators
  • Identified the knowledge and skills needed and defined the strategy and approach of the training program
  • Designed and organized the hyper-care support organization and infrastructure to accompany organization in the days of the launch
  • Defined the governance of the new service
  • Kept working on employee resistance and assuring the presence of top management
Results achieved

The new system launched according to the newly set targets and became operational within all the targeted business units.

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