The treasury traits of the game changers

There is a game changer in each of us.

Are you expressing the game changer in you?

Succeeding in transformational change is the word of the day. But it takes a game changer to lead transformational change.

And I believe there is a game changer in each of us. Not everyone nurtures and expresses the game changer inside, but everyone can make a game-changing contribution when the mindset is right.

People are game changers when their being, knowing, and doing lead to a way of bringing to life solutions that are simple, meaningful, transformational, relational, scalable, disruptive, and become the wellspring of new states of being, new  products, services or solutions.

Don’t we all long to have more of such people around us? And who does not crave to sometimes have that magical effect on what matters?

The word game changer frightens most of the organizations, circle of friends or family members. And sometimes it frightens you. “Who am I to be so daring, bright and disruptive ?!”– there may be a little voice in your head. But, who are you not to?

Game changers are gifted people with hardwired personality traits that naturally put them apart and classify them as high performers and high potentials. But all of these traits can become useless if not nurtured, polished and crafted further through application. Unfolding the game-changing impact of high potentials is learnable through mindset calibration and relentless practice. The famous “war for talent” we hear in corporate rhetoric is largely about spotting, attracting, nurturing, and retaining this pool of high performing and high potential people.

Game changers push boundaries and disturb the status-quo in ways that the others are not prepared. Most of the organizations are not prepared for this. Hence, often game changers find it difficult to survive and thrive in traditional organizations, in traditional families, and in “pass time” activities with no enhancement of their being.

Does it feel like you??
Do you feel at times an inclination of :

  • Having an unusual and intense combination of imagination and obsession to find a solution?
  • Loving change, loving radical change?
  • Alienating other people with your obsession?
  • Not being afraid of failure?
  • Having an inherent belief in your ability to survive?
  • Not being afraid of failure?
  • Taking on risks the others would deem risky?
  • Not seeing the same risks as the others?
  • Realizing things that most people would not dare to even try?
  • Having the potential to transform the future?
  • Being considered often as disruptive?

Then a game changer spirit is kindling inside you.

And when so, your thoughts may resonate strongly with statements extracted by some well-known game changers, which I have found inspiring:

  • No idea works until you do the work. Ideation without execution is delusion”
  • “You can be distracted or you can be a game changer – addiction to distraction is the death of creative production.
  • Education is immunisation against distraction.
  • The thing that you’re most afraid to do is the thing that is most valuable to do.
  • The seduction of safety is always more dangerous than the illusions of uncertainty.
  • The best way to expand your limits is to go to the end of your limits – do the most difficult things to grow.
  • The best way to change the world is to change yourself.

And if they resonate with you, my invitation is to go further – explore and experiment on how you can let your potential make a positive difference and enjoy the abundance of your mind.

How do you cross from having the potential to making an impact?

Your behaviour always matches your identity, your internal standards, your mindset. Once you connect to who you really are, the single best move to be a game-changer is to work on your character, work on your emotional architecture, work on your mindset, and then you become this force of nature that radiates greatness and succeeds on making an impact.

In this ebook I share a handful of tips from my coaching practice on how to leverage these 15 treasury traits paving your way to success and making an impact. I hope they will help you ponder your next step.