What is generative intelligence coaching?

G-IQ coaching is an invitation to level up your game – to thrive in and on disruption.

Generative Intelligence (G-IQ) Coaching is an experiential and systemic coaching practice engaging you in a state of Generative Performance – a state where body, mind, and soul work in congruence to bring forth unusual stamina and creativity to transform aspirations into tangible novel outcomes.  It works by engaging your multiple intelligences to access the field of possibilities and to use your creative awareness in transforming challenges into the resources you need to make your aspirations a living reality.

Who uses G-IQ Coaching?

In principle, anyone going through a persisting struggle, disruption or difficult transitions and desiring to level up his/her game to the next level – thrive in disruption and create solutions to persisting, painful problems that are totally new.

My clients generally belong to one of the 3 groups form the goals and agenda perspective, see the image below – but their journey may start or end in any of the levels of their generativity mastery.

G-IQ Coaching Model

The Generative Intelligence Coaching is an INTEGRATED DEVELOPMENT Process – working with what matters most real time while building towards longer term generative mastery.

It recognises that some part of development we go through need to take place one-on – one while some other part of it in the field where the reality unfolds. Hence, the development work takes place considering the field into which the client unfolds its potential, as illustrated in the figure hereafter:

The generative work unfolds around 6 evolution spirals, as presented in the diagram below:

  1. Inner Core:centred around connecting to your sense of purpose , your ego/identity and your call, establishing a sense of “Safe heaven” and enabling you to Cope with what emerges in the session and attune your unresolved stories.
  2. Creative imagination:centred around accessing a state of curiosity and creativity for exploring options to resolve unspoken stories or longings that might have appeared out of reach or impossible.
  3. Systemic Resources:centred around the generative field of resourcing your energy and vitality towards realisation of your commitment.
  4. The manifestation:centred around providing a secure space for you to step into your hero’s journey pursuing your dream by overcoming obstacles holding you back . You are invited and supported to mobilise identified resources, manifest the desired behaviour, play as if, test and experiment.
  5. The bio-systemic feedback:centred around inviting, preparing and supporting you to sustain the changes made and continuously attune to the desired state by establishing a holistic feedback-loop tracking the coherence of your actions, thoughts and feelings  (mental, physical and emotional models) and how they reinforce your desired state of being.
  6. Integration: is a spiral loop of integrating each new element (generative resource) as it emerges into the new direction that is unfolding.

The G-IQ coaching process recognises that every coaching session is unique. Along the process you are supported with complementary learning resources to enhance and sustain your development. Self-discovery assessments, reflective journaling, and participation in co-development circles are among the added value activities, much appreciated by most clients.